Why KoSho?

A Sign of the Times…

In recent years, our society has seen a steady climb in the number of violent crimes in the most unlikely of places, such as schools, malls, parking lots, churches, movie theaters, and work places…

Critical Window – the KoSho Difference

Every situation has a critical window.  It could be seconds, minutes or hours.  Survival often depends on how we are prepared, both mentally and physically, to manage the chaos that will occur.

That span of time which begins when a potentially dangerous situation is recognized and ends when professional service providers arrive is a Critical Window.

Why KoSho Protect?

KoSho Protect specializes in training for the before, during, and after stages of a critical window.

In the “Before” stage, KoSho Protect helps you or your company prevent a critical situation from occuring through our broad spectrum awareness training.

In the “During” stage, should you or your company find itself in such an unforeseen situation, our KoSho Protect Critical Window training could be the deciding factor for survival and escape.

In the “After” stage, proper and effective communication with the professional responders could also be a determing factor in the saving of lives and a quick return to normal operations.

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Our Services are Your Advantage

Created from years of personal experience in the military, police and civilian environments, drawn from warrior training spanning 2500 years, and constantly updated to anticipate modern needs, KoSho Martial Training Institute’s KoSho Protect specializes in the following four areas.

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Reality-Based Emergency Action Plans for

  • Active Shooter Situations
  • Workplace Violence
  • Suspicious Packages
  • Bomb Recognition

Education and Training for

  • Civilian Personal Protection
  • Security Officer Personal Protection
  • Team-Based Personal Protection

Threat and Risk Assessment for

  • Home Safety and Security
  • Workplace Safety and Security
  • Special Event Safety and Security

Core Competency Upgrading for

  • Elite Protective Professionals
  • Civilian Protection Specialists
  • Risk Evaluation Consultants


“I Want” Achieved

Building self-confidence or becoming an elite athlete – click  KoSho Karate


“I Want” Achieved

Making sure you and your daughter come home safely – click  KoSho Protect


“I Want” Achieved

Getting into skinny jeans or keeping up with the grandkids – click  KoSho Fitness


“I Want” Achieved

Realistic training, safe environment, effectiveness now – click  KoSho Battleground

Personal Consultation

Can’t decide?  We’ve got you covered there, too!   Call (520) 887-4099 , email  info@koshomti.com  or come by 151 W Orange Grove Road in Tucson, Arizona for a 1-on-1 personal consultation. Join the thousands who became students.

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