Women’s Safety and Protection Programs


Women’s Safety and Protection Programs

The KoSho Martial Training Institute offers safety and personal protection training for women. These customized programs are geared for the way women think and react toward violence.

Unfortunately, women are often easy targets for criminals UNLESS they have been properly trained and know how to ACT. For some women, it is even difficult to take the necessary steps for personal protection. But think about all of the people who depend upon you — your children, your friends, your family. ACT for them as well as for yourself.


  • Where are you vulnerable?
  • Do you know how quickly a situation can go from slightly annoying to deadly?
  • What are the appropriate actions that you can, and will, take?


  • Specialized, practical protection methods
  • Modern mental & physical tools
  • Expert trainers & specialists
  • Women Only classes (including female instructors)

Kimberly Linebarger

Kimberly Linebarger
Director of Women’s Programs

Women Personal Protection

KoSho Protect, a division of the KoSho Martial Training Institute, can help you become safer and more confident

Core Training

  • Threat & Environment Assessment
  • Broad Spectrum Awareness
  • Modern Methods for Personal Protection

Optional Training

  • Basic Handgun Safety
  • AZ-CCW Training
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Firearm Protection
  • Survival Skills with Firearms


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Personal Consultation

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