Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

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Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Safety & Protection Program

Finally, a Specific Program for Pharmaceutical Reps, unlike any other!

Reps, Do you…

  • Spend time working through your trunk?
  • Sit alone in your car making data entries?
  • Walk to and from medical facilities with drug samples?
  • Carry expensive electronics?
  • Find yourself in parking lots, hotels, or other facilities late at night?
  • Go to isolated locations?
  • Spend hours driving alone for long distances?
  • Travel to locations without cellular signal?
  • Travel at night?
  • Interact with people you don’t know well?

Pills spilled
Pharmaceutical Sales Reps face personal safety threats daily. Many of those threats go unnoticed. Your safety deserves the focus of a program that addresses identifiable safety concerns.


Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Protection Program

  • Solutions that address dangers which go along with the Pharmaceutical Reps environment
  • Provides you and your team with the mental & physical tools needed to take the most appropriate action
  • Broad Spectrum Awareness Training
  • Introduction to basic protection against modern weapons
  • Non-weapon threats (grabs and strikes)
  • Adaptive Personal Protection Courses: Pen & LightThrough the use of safe training equipment and scenario-based drills, trainees get as close as safely possible to reality!
    • Everyday-carry items that everyone can learn to use.
    • They are highly effective, accessible and convenient.
  • Through the use of safe training equipment and scenario-based drills, trainees get as close as safely possible to reality!

Quickly and easily

activate your natural abilities, your skills and your will to protect and to survive

Combine them

with the use of the most modern, effective and practical personal protection solutions


increase your odds of survival

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