Engineer Safety & Protection Training Program




Do You Find Yourself

  • Out in the field alone or in isolated locations?
  • Traveling long distances or on back roads
  • Spending a lot of time out in remote worksites?
  • Working under bridges?
  • Dealing with people you do not know well?

The Problem

  • Inability to recognize threats
  • Inability to recognize your critical window
  • Inability to take appropriate action during your critical window

The Solution  

Adaptive Tactical Solutions (ATS) from KoSho MTI

KoSho’s ATS

provides you and your engineering team with the mental and physical tools needed to take action and survive a dangerous encounter while out in the field

  • Customized Protection Training
  • Reality-Based Scenarios
  • Modern Mental and Physical Tools for Armed and Unarmed Solutions
  • Ability to Level the Playing Field
  • Gain the Advantage and Survive

Important Skill Sets

  • Threat & Environment Assessment
  • Broad Spectrum Awareness
  • Proven Personal Protection Methods
  • Survival skills with non-firearm tools
  • Firearm Protection
  • Strikes & Grabs
  • The very latest Emergency First Aid



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Personal Consultation

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