Community Service


KoSho Community Service Programs

KoSho MTI, as an institute of higher training and education, partners with our community to provide safety, protection and health solutions for organizations, specialty groups and individuals. Throughout Arizona, we provide solutions for society’s problems through effective, comprehensive martial training.

KoSho Commitment

KoSho Martial Training Institute is committed to help our Arizona communities become safer places in which to work, play and live. KoSho holds monthly FREE community development, safety seminars and training programs for children and adults.


Visit this page frequently to see what KoSho is doing this month for you and your community!


“I Want” Achieved

Building self-confidence or becoming an elite athlete – click  KoSho Karate


“I Want” Achieved

Making sure you and your daughter come home safely – click  KoSho Protect


“I Want” Achieved

Getting into skinny jeans or keeping up with the grandkids – click  KoSho Fitness


“I Want” Achieved

Realistic training, safe environment, effectiveness now – click  KoSho Battleground

Personal Consultation

Can’t decide?  We’ve got you covered there, too!   Call (520) 887-4099 , email  or come by 151 W Orange Grove Road in Tucson, Arizona for a 1-on-1 personal consultation. Join the thousands who became students.

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