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KoSho Karate – Where Champions Train

It’s not just a slogan; it’s reality!

Martial Arts and Sport Karate are particularly well-suited for children, juniors and adults who are focused on the character building and critical learning aspects of martial study.

Improving self-confidence, self-esteem, concentration and discipline are key points for children and juniors.

Adults work on improving balance, stamina and stress reduction while learning the history and culture of martial societies.

Weekly Schedule for KoSho Karate Classes

Kids (3-9 year olds)
Section 1

Mon & Wed
4:30-5:15 pm

Section 2
Tues & Thurs
4:30-5:15 pm

Section 3
10:00-10:45 am

Juniors (10-15 year olds)
Section 1

Weapons: Mon & Wed
5:15-6:10 pm

Section 2
Karate: Tues & Thurs
5:30-6:20 pm

Adults (16+ years old)
Section 1

Weapons: Mon & Wed
5:15-6:10 pm

Section 2
Karate: Tues & Thurs
5:30-6:20 pm

“KoSho Karate is an ideal place to train for the entire family.”

“In fact, my wife (Lesley) and daughter (Gabrielle) have been training since 1997 and 2005 respectively.

One of my proudest and memorable moments was being at the dojo to watch both of them receiving their black belt October ’11.

I highly recommend KoSho Karate and I would like to encourage all prospective parents/students to stop by and visit. It is well worth the time and investment for you and your family. It did mine!”
~ Son Nguyen

Son, Lesley, Gabby

Son, Lesley & Gabrielle Nguyen

Information for Prospective Students

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My friend takes Tae Kwon Do and another friend does Jujitsu. What do you teach at KoSho?

KoSho Karate teaches a wide variety of martial arts, science and fitness programs. It is truly a martial and fitness academy with world-class instructors.

What ages do you teach?

  • Kids (3-9 years old)
  • Juniors (10-15 years old)
  • Adults (16+ years old)
  • Director Shihan Johnny Linebarger, 9th Degree Black Belt with more than 40 years of experience in the martial arts
  • In business here in Tucson since 1980
  • A staff of instructors certified in a wide range of martial arts More than 10 adult instructors, many of whom have more than 20 years of experience
  • Large, state of the art training facilities
  • Raised floors which are padded with closed cell foam mats
  • A wide range of training equipment designed for safety and fun
  • Classes for all ages
  • Kids programs for ages 3-9; within the classes, kids are divided by age and experience level
  • Junior classes for ages 10 through 15
  • Adult programs: for the study of the martial arts as a way to learn self-defense, become physically fit and stay that way, for better focus, flexibility, self-confidence or just as a fun way to work out
  • We have a program for you
  • Private lessons
  • More than 30 classes each week
  • There are dozens of martial art schools but there’s only one KoSho Karate!

While most martial arts schools will teach your child to kick and punch, it is the character building aspect of the arts that most parents want for their child. These include: self-discipline, focus, cooperation, high self-esteem, and goal setting. At KoSho, we want ot develop good citizens. We want to develop kids who grow up happy and fulfilled, able to survive in today’s high-pressure situations with confidence. Kids who always work and play well with others.

Anyone can open a karate school. Some school owners may have just earned their black belt and decided to hang out their shingle. These people may be able to kick and punch very well. There is nothing better than seeing an athlete kick high over his head, but can this person teach your child to set short-term and long-term goals and then see them through? Can he/she help your child learn to resolve a conflict with a schoolmate in a quiet peaceful manner?

It is very important that the school has a safe floor to train on. Ours is comprised of several different layers. The plywood and 2×4 floor is built on foam blocks. This floor is then covered in a layer of carpet. On top of all of this are closed cell foam pads that you see as the final floor covering. The floor completely absorbs shock. This makes it safe for training in falling, rolling and throws. This floor absorbs shock so well that if you drop a super ball on the floor, it will not bounce! All of the pent-up, dynamic energy of the ball is absorbed by the floor.

Some teens may want to learn all about fighting, but this must be tempered with wisdom. Parents need to visit the karate schools in their area. Watch some of the classes. Speak to the parents of kids enrolled at the school. At KoSho, we encourage parents to watch the classes. Never enroll your child in a school that hides its training behind closed doors. We want the parents totally evolved in their child’s journey through the martial arts. We also want to know how the child is getting along at school. We want to see their report cards. Permission from both parents and the child’s teacher must be obtained for promotion to the next belt level. KoSho is interested in all aspects of your child’s development.

KoSho Karate wants you to feel confident in your choice. The trip from no to black belt takes several years. KoSho wants to develop a relationship with you and your child. At KoSho, we have over 30 years of experience training the leaders of tomorrow.

We are also a school of seasoned competitors. Three-time World Champion Johnny Linebarger has coached his students to championships of their own. We believe that competition is a vital part of growing up. While every child should be nurtured and given self-confidence, when they get out into the real world after graduations, they will find that winning is not a given. Not every grown up goes home with a medal. By competing as a child, they learn what it takes to win. Just as important, they learn how to lose with grace and a vision toward how to improve for the next battle.

Information for Current Students

There are many things which a new martial arts student must learn.  The following are some helpful pdf’s in downloadable and viewer formats.

Download link: Manual for New Students

Download link: How to Tie a Belt

For the FlipBook version of the New Student Manual, click the picture below. It will open in a new window/tab. You may choose to view either the page-flip or the page-slide version.

New Student Flipbook logo


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Personal Consultation

Can’t decide?  We’ve got you covered there, too!   Call (520) 887-4099 , email  info@koshomti.com  or come by 151 W Orange Grove Road in Tucson, Arizona for a 1-on-1 personal consultation. Join the thousands who became students.

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