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KoSho Battleground

Would you trust your life to art or to science?

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You deserve science

To protect your life, would you want to depend upon what one person thinks is good or what many people and situations have proven is good? Do you want “I think” or do you want “We know”?

That’s a key difference between martial arts and martial science in general and a key difference between other martial schools and KoSho MTI in particular.

You deserve experts

Licensures are one of the hallmarks of competence and professionalism. The best doctors, dentists, financial advisors are all licensed.

KoSho martial science instructors are part of an elite, select corps who have undergone rigorous validations and are licensed in their profession.

You deserve solutions

Because of this, you will learn tested, proven strategies and techniques which are effective, now. The reality-based, practical solutions from KoSho enable you to feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself and those you care about.

You deserve KoSho

But the best proof is in your experience. Come in for a free class and experience KoSho professionalism in action.

KoSho Martial Science

for that one time when you don’t get a second chance

Weekly Schedule for Martial Science Classes

6:15 – 7:15 pm
6:15 – 7:15 pm


“I Want” Achieved

Building self-confidence or becoming an elite athlete – click  KoSho Karate


“I Want” Achieved

Making sure you and your daughter come home safely – click  KoSho Protect


“I Want” Achieved

Getting into skinny jeans or keeping up with the grandkids – click  KoSho Fitness


“I Want” Achieved

Realistic training, safe environment, effectiveness now – click  KoSho Battleground

Personal Consultation

Can’t decide?  We’ve got you covered there, too!   Call (520) 887-4099 , email  or come by 151 W Orange Grove Road in Tucson, Arizona for a 1-on-1 personal consultation. Join the thousands who became students.

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