Consequences of Not Knowing

Jelly beans

A Small Thing…

While out at Sequoia National Park with my family recently, we made a trip to the Crystal Caves in the park. Like many cave tours, there were lights strung about, an easy path for safe navigation, and everyone followed the cave rule of “Leave no trace.”

The “Leave no trace” rule is very critical in micro-ecosystems such as those in caves. Caves are filled mainly with very small insects as its residents, and as such, a small amount of food can sustain generations of insects. So let’s think of what would happen if a piece of candy were to be left in a cave miles long? Continue reading

Firearms Retailer

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Ambassadors of Shooting – The Firearms Retailer

Firearms retailers hold an important position within our shooting community. Often times gun shops are the first place a new shooter will seek advice. Accomplished shooters visit to see what is new, to help solve firearms related problems (be it due to shooter error or mechanical issues with their firearms), keep supplies stocked, or maybe just to while away some time.
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Summer is Here, Drink More Water

Drop Falling into Water

Health information for people on the move, because “What you don’t know could kill you!”

Over the next few months, summer fun will be everywhere. There are always many planned and unplanned activities both indoors and outdoors requiring physical exertion.

The average person looks upon summer as a special time of activity and relaxation. Summer’s hot dry days and cool nights contribute to increased activity and should also compel us to modify routine behaviors slightly. I’m sure you’re asking “How and Why” at this point. But before answering, here is a trivia question to ponder.

What do Humans, Bags of Water, and Evaporative Cooling have in Common?

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Self Defense vs. Personal Protection

Self Defense Personal Protection

Ever notice KoSho instructors favor the term “personal protection” over the popular term “self defense?” The difference in terminology might seem arbitrary at first but let’s take a deeper look. Research in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics suggests that language not only shapes our thinking but ultimately how we view the world.
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Just in Case Class

Father Daughter

Reduce Your Stress While Your Son or Daughter is at College

We all hope that an assault never happens to us or people we care about. However, as we know, bad things can occur to good people.

Safety and awareness, personal protection training and self-defense skills, provided by KoSho MTI, are easy, effective, and proven. The “Just in Case” courses are for that one time, when IT happens. Continue reading